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ВАЖНО! Скъпи гости, за съжаление се случи голямо наводнение в сградата, където е разположен ресторант Tire-Bouchon и щетите са такива, че ремонта няма да приключи навреме за фестивала Sofia Restaurant Week 7. Всички резервирали ще получат лично обаждане от нас и възможност да се насладят на страхотните ни менюта с гостоприемството на “The New Fox and Hound”. Всеки, който се възползва ще бъде възнаграден с малка бутилка хубаво вино. Извиняваме се за неудобството.

Restaurant Philosophy:
New reading of classic Bulgarian cuisine with International Nuance by Chef Julia Marinova

What are you most proud of in your restaurant?
An abundance of flavors cleverly combined with a local product.

What makes you stand out from others?
Creativity, delicious food and good company atmosphere

Head Chef: Yulia Marinova

Chef profile:
Yulia’s career started in 1995 and took her through various positions in different restaurants, allowing her to learn from the professionals. She has gained most of her experience abroad, managing to create her own vision for the culinary world and hasn’t stopped developing. She has been owner of the Fox and Hound bar in Sofia. Tire-bouchon is a new perspective for Yulia where she will focus on preparing traditional Bulgarian flavours with a difference - incorporating the influence on the European culinary culture since the dawn of democracy in Bulgaria.

Do you have any special messages for the diners of Restaurant week?
Come to try something delicious and different!