If you happen to be in Sofia on September 16, make sure to add some pink color to your visit by joining the 1st edition of Sofia’s new attraction – the Pink Tomato Fest, the festival of dance, health and good food! You just need to come over at 11 am to Kniajeska Gradina Park, from the opposite site of the boulevard of the Sofia University and the Parliament building and you will be immediately absorbed by a celebration worth seeing – a special tribute to Bulgarian Pink Tomato, the undisputed king of Bulgarian vegetables, a traditional and delicious local tomato breed, grown in Bulgarian soil for more than a hundred years, nurtured with care by the hands of Bulgarian farmers.

  • 10 specially selected pink tomato manufacturers by METRO with premium quality all over the country

  • three lottery tomato games from the manufacturers, Siana and Monini gifts and special products

  • Fresh milk, yogurt, butter, cream, cheese and yellow cheese with degustation opportunity on the spot

  • Three Monini generations in a row do select the finest sorts of olives and produce the olive oil in excellent conditions of hygiene in the production and storage of olives and olive oil.

  • Famous Bulgarian chefs will offer variety of delicions tomato temptations at the METRO Academy stand

Come to the Pink Tomato Fest in downtown Sofia and enjoy your time. The King of the Pink would be waiting for you! Come and meet him!

Sofia Open Championship of hiphop Latino and national folk dancing. The longest tomato horo in Bulgarian history, the famous wind orchestra Vivo Montana and even a tomato bike ride!

The famous master of traditional Bulgarian cooking Angel Angelov will be waiting for you with his giant pan to make 1 tonne of lyutenitsa with him and his team.

Check out the stunning photos of the best and most imaginative pink tomato dishes the chefs of Sofia Restaurant Week participating restaurants created during the week.