Enjoy wines from PowerBrands during Sofia Restaurant Week

Vineyards Selection Bolyarovo

Ruby color with a soft curve. The wine has a very nice bouquet of fruit flavors and barrel maturation - black berries, chocolate, cinnamon, tobacco. The taste has a very good attack, volume, structure, caressing softness and juicy finish with lasting aftertaste.
      It goes very well with diverse food and is extremely suitable for traditional meat dishes of the Bulgarian cuisine, selected sausages, meat specialties, game and ripened cheeses.
      Served at room temperature.
Wine with PDO (Protected Designation of Origin), Yambol region


Vineyards Selection Tenevo

Beautiful ruby ​​color with warm end. Fine fruit bouquet with elegant barrel maturation - notes of blue plum, black chocolate, caramel. The taste has a very pleasant start, a tangible length, softness and a spicy finish with appetizing aftertaste.
      The wine is a tasting temptation for a variety of dishes and is especially tasty with meat tapas, gourmet cuisine, roast meats, barbecue, big game, sausages and hard cheeses.
      Served at room temperature.

Vineyards Selection Toplitsa

Saturated dark ruby color. Fruity start with notes of violet, cherry, dark raisins and black chocolate. The taste has noble barrel maturation, a very good structure, a spicy length and appetizing finish.
      The wine is a great choice for selected meat specialties of duck, turkey, pheasant, pork, lamb, beef, big game, dry delicacies and hard cheeses.
      Served at room temperature.


F2F Sauvignon Blanc
Golden green color. Attractive variety and fruity aroma - passion fruit, kiwi, fresh greenery and lime. The taste has a strong start, tangible juiciness, very good length, excellent harmony, appetizing finish and lasting scent.
       The wine is a compliment to gourmet cuisine and especially suitable for foie gras, salmon, spicy dishes of white meats, fish, birds, feathered game, Asian cuisine and ripened soft cheeses.
      Served chilled.

F2F Chardonnay
Brilliant golden green color.
A captivating bouquet with a scent of mature summer fruits and exotic breath - apricot, peach, citrus, passion fruit, a note of vanilla and butter cake.
Good start, juicy fruitiness and fullness are in harmony with sophisticated barrel maturation, appetizing finish and lasting aftertaste.
Goes particularly well with gourmet cuisine, spicy Asian dishes, richly flavored pasta and pizza, butter and garlic snails, olives, Atlantic salmon, ocean trout, oysters, crab, pork, feathered game and selected cheeses.
Served chilled.


F2F Rose
Beautiful saturated lychee color. The wine has a fascinating aroma of spring cherry and red berries - rosehip, raspberry and strawberry. The taste grabs the senses with a fruity start, juicy sweetness, exquisite freshness and appetizing finish.
The wine goes really well with selected salads, vegetarian food, pasta, Asian cuisine, fish, seafood, and especially crab, oyster, octopus and cold smoked salmon. Delicious with chicken, pork, gourmet cuisine, and a large number of cheeses.
Served chilled, 10-12 0С.

F2F Dornfelder
Saturate dark ruby color with a nuance of aronia. Has an intense bouquet of captivating fruitiness - blackberry, black raisins, summer cherry and fascinating barrel maturation. The taste shows strength, concentration, rich structure and a powerful, spicy finish. Has a very good oenological potential.
The wine is a great choice for selected meat specialties of duck, turkey, pheasant, pork, lamb, beef, big game, dry delicacies and hard cheeses.
Served at room temperature.

F2F Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah & Regent
Ruby color with a warm tint. The wine has a soft bouquet with the aroma of black berries and the finesse of noble oak. The taste has a fresh start, melted tannins, medium structure, pleasant length, juicy finish and intriguing fruit aftertaste in a barrel veil.
The wine goes well with a great number of foods and spicy dishes. Especially suitable for barbecue, rabbit, pork, red meats, game, selected sausages and cheeses.
Serving temperature 16-18 ОС.

PIXЕLS Brut Sparkling Wine
Chains of sparkling pearls in golden green complement the taste with fine fruitiness, juicy length and appetizing finish.
The wine is delicious on its own and is a wonderful compliment for cold-smoked salmon, foie gras, tuna, seafood, sushi, chicken, spicy dishes and soft cheeses.
Served chilled, 5-7 0С.

PIXЕLS Sauvignon Blanc
Fresh color with a green tinge. Has very pleasant and attractive variety-typical characteristics and hints of passion fruit, kiwifruit, green melon, purple granadilla and green peel fruit. The taste has an impressive arc, citrus-like freshness, a specific length and a remarkable harmony with a tasty finish and a fruity aroma.
Exceptionally tasty on its own, the wine goes well with spicy seafood dishes, fish, white meat, cold-smoked salmon, Asian cuisine and soft cheeses. The wine is an exceptional complement to dry cured meats and meat delicacies.
Serve chilled.


PIXЕLS Chardonnay
A fresh color with golden green tint. Fruit bouquet with a ripe yellow fruit aroma and elegant barrel maturation with nuances of apricot, mirabelle plum, nectarine, passion fruit, a hint of citrus and oily finesse.
The taste has a really pleasant structure, good start, a juicy length and harmony. It has an appetizing finish and a lasting aftertaste with exotic breath.
The wine is suitable for vegetarian dishes, gourmet specialties, spicy cuisine, meals with rich, thick sauce, pasta, pizza, fish, fish barbecue, chicken and lighter red meats; goose liver, pheasant, rabbit, pork and selected cheeses.
Served chilled.

Beautiful raspberry ​​color. Fruit finesse with notes of red fruit and exotic scent. The taste has a fresh start, appetizing acids, elegant structure and pleasant length. A juicy, emotional finish with fruity aftertaste.
The wine is a very good compliment for vegetarian food, pasta, pizza, white meats, fish, feathered game, pheasant, quail, Mediterranean cuisine seafood specialties and soft, textured cheeses.
Served chilled, 10-12 0С.

PIXЕLS Cabernet Sauvignon

Beautiful dark ruby ​​color. The wine has a pleasant fruit bouquet with a scent of blue plum, black currant, black cherry and elegant barrel maturation with shades of chocolate, vanilla and sweet spices. The taste is with good structure, fresh length and harmony with appetizing softness and lasting aftertaste.
The wine is very tasty in combination with traditional Bulgarian dishes - pheasant, turkey, duck, veal, lamb, sheep and beef, big game, sausage, dry meat specialties, bacon, barbecue and ripened cheeses.
Serving temperature 16-18 ОС.

Remarkable, rich color with tinges of crimson. The wine has an intense, variety-specific aroma of dark fruit with hints of chokeberry, black cherry, black currant and plum. It has a very pleasant and harmonious taste with gentle barriq finesse – a hint of cinnamon and dark chocolate. It has a volume to it, a juicy length, softness and a tasty finale. A wine with a concealed terroir character.
The wine goes well with cold appetizers, tuna fish, duck magret, Alsace delicacies and traditional spicy dishes. It is tasty in combination with dry cured meats, sausages and Bulgarian white brained cheese.
Serve at room temperature.

Rich dark ruby color with a sense of depth. The wine has a rich, fruity variety-specific bouquet – dark fruit, mulberry, plum, a tinge of violet and a noble barriq ripeness with hints of sweet condiments. A remarkable wine with an impressive arc, rich bouquet, excellent structure, length and tasty finish.
The wine complements dense foods and is an exceptional choice for pork, lamb, beef and venison dishes and barbecues, select sausages and hard cheeses.
Serve at room temperature.

Straldjanska Muskatova Aged 0.5l


Straldjanska Muskatova Barrel Selection 0.5l