HRC Culinary


 Tsar Boris III 59

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Restaurant Philosophy:
HRC Culinary Academy trains future professional chefs from all over the world. We build the culinary scene of the world by following all the latest trends in culinary arts and backing them up by classical well established cooking methods.

What are you most proud of in your restaurant?
We are proud of our creative students!

Head Chef: Viktorija Baltutyte
Classic with a twist / Fusion
Having graduated our culinary academy (HRC Culinary Academy) she has a vast international experience in the hospitality industry since 2013!
Victorija is passionate about bold flavors and experimenting with them in the kitchen!

Do you have any special messages for the diners of SRW?
Do not be afraid to try food out. Sometimes it’s good sometimes it doesn’t tickle your fancy, but it definitely develops your palate in the right way.


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Please expect set menus to be published soon or that venue has not been invited in Restaurant Week.