Red Canape



Seats (In/Out):


Working time:

 11AM – 12PM

Car parking:




Restaurant Philosophy:
Red Canape is an urban restaurant which captures the pulse of the city. It's convenient - just a few feet from the office area. It's refreshing - early service in the morning. It's relaxing - come enjoy a break after work. It's friendly - come together with friends. It's romantic - if you are in love. It's trendy - because of our culinary imagination.

What are you most proud of in your restaurant?
Try our Smoked Magret Duck Breast and our author's desserts!

What makes you stand out from others?
The Red Canape menu will inspire your taste buds to experiment - whether it is for quick snack or a large dinner reservation. Just a matter of appetite and leisure.

Head Chef: Emil Stoychov

Chef profile:
Chef Stoychov experiments with tastes and flavors to achieve a perfect balance that will fascinate. Combining seasonal and fresh products in traditional recipes, he emphasizes the character of each culinary season and the author’s taste concept of Red Canape Restaurant.

Do you have any special messages for the diners of Restaurant week?
Red Canape is different. Just like you.