Massa Kitchen


 Grand Mall Varna

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Working time:

 10AM – 12PM

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Restaurant Philosophy:
By blending organic materials with industrial elements Massa Kitchen takes us to a wonderful world, where each of us can experience the traditions, cuisine and culture of several continents.

What are you most proud of in your restaurant?
Restaurant Massa Kitchen offers its customers an exceptional combination of interior, comfort and a unique menu. The dishes at Massa Kitchen are of Italian, Spanish, American and Mediterranean origin, which forms a really wide variety, promising a true culinary journey!

What makes you stand out from others?
Massa Kitchen is proud to be one of the few restaurants that offer a Cooking Show area. The area is one of our main attractions, allowing our customers to feel the magic of the food preparation process.

Head Chef: Chef Martin Krumov

Chef profile:
Restaurant manager, head chef and technologist with valuable experience in the food industry since 1997!
Chef Krumov has years of practice and intense training with some of the industry leaders worldwide, such as Martin Berasategui, who currently holds 8 Michelin stars. Drawing inspiration from Spain, Italy, Finland, Norway, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Beirut and many more, nowadays Chef Krumov applies his skills in restaurants across his homeland Bulgaria, one of which is Massa Kitchen. Restaurant Massa Kitchen is famous for its versatile selection, innovative approach and last, but not least, its original and cosy vintage styled interior – a perfect blend between organic textures and industrial elements.
Chef Krumov is proud to share with us the origin of the ingredients used at Massa Kitchen in Varna. The beef and veal are at the heart of many of the restaurant’s bestsellers, especially the burgers with freshly minced meat. Chef Krumov also reveals the magic behind a type of closed BBQ called Josper. It simultaneously smokes, braises and cooks, while burning top quality charcoal. To make the pizza flavor authentic, different kinds of cheese and dry sausages are brought especially from Florence, Montecatini and Pisa. The restaurant’s bread is baked daily and consists of Italian flour, olive oil, salt and water – no preservatives or improvers included. Not to mention the taste of the pasta, comparable to the flavour in the Apennines, prepared with real Italian flour.
One of the restaurant’s main focuses is the Cooking Show area, which allows guests to witness the whole cooking process.

Do you have any special messages for the diners of Restaurant week?
Choose us! Feel the joy of trying out our carefully selected menu, which includes an appetizing starter, a unique main dish and a captivating dessert! This is what this festival is all about...