KARe Meet & Eat


 26 Kniaz Boris I bul

Seats (In/Out):


Working time:

 08AM – 12PM

Car parking:




Restaurant Philosophy:
We always have a smile and love for our customers and our food.

What are you most proud of in your restaurant?
The high quality of our food and drinks and the fact that we managed to become one of the most popular restaurants in the city in just 2 months!

What makes you stand out from others?
We always work together as a team and use high quality products. Everything we do is done with a smile and love.

Head Chef: We are democratic :)

Do you have any special messages for the diners of Restaurant week?
We suppose that we are not the only ones who have put together tasty menus for VRW but we hope the customers will be satisfied with the effort we have put into it.