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 Konstantin Starkelov 11

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Restaurant Philosophy:
Brick Cafe Sofia is a place where many countries meet in one, represented by people and by food. We are the United Nations of Brick Cafe Sofia!

What are you most proud of in your restaurant?
We are proud of our international clientele and our atmosphere, because people go through a positive transformation after being here especially after an evening when the piano plays.

What makes you stand out from others?
We stand out with our cozy setting and atmosphere, delicious food and completely clean non-smoking environment. You may travel throguht at least three continents while dining here.

Head Chef:Rossitza Kotzeva (owner)

Chef profile:
Rossitza Kotzeva is from the town of Bansko and she was born on September 12th, 1976. She graduated the English Language School in Blagoevgrad and went to college in the Sofia University. Later she transferred to the City University of New York and graduated from Baruch College with Bachelors in Finance and Investments. She worked 10 year at a small brokerage on Madison Avenue “The Medical Link”. She returned to Bulgaria in 2009 for her highschool sweetheart, but things turned not as expected and she put all of her energy in Brick Cafe Sofia. The menu is a map of her many travels through the world. A little piece of love from every end of the world!

Do you have any special messages for the diners of SRW?
Food is Love and it is the most sincere thing in the world. Enjoy it!


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