Two creative white wines from Bratanov winery

Bratanov winery presents two wines during Restaurant Week Spring 2022 – Chardonnay Sur Lies 2019 Wild Fermented and Chardonnay BELLOSLAVA Private Reserve Wild Fermented.

Bratanov winery is a family business and dream come true for a father and his two sons who rejuvenated their family wine tradition after a 50 year pause. Their own terrains are located on sunny hills in the mystical Sakar mountains, where the breeze from the river Maritsa and the winds from the Aegean Sea create a near Mediterranean climate. Thanks to the variety of soils, the specific microclimate and ancient wine making traditions of the local population, South Sakar produces some of Bulgaria’s most authentic wines.

In recent years the winery has become known for its emblematic series  “South Sakar Selection” using only international grape varieties – Chardonnay Sur Lie, a red coupage of Merlot and Syrah, Syrah Sans Barrique and Rosé Pamplemousse.

Bratanov’s wines express their creators’ experimental spirit along with their South Sakar roots and leave the feeling of authenticity, warmth and individuality.

Since 2016 all Bratanov wines are fermented only with wild ferments – the vine’s natural microflora.