Try Borovitza Winery Gamza during Restaurant Week Spring 2022

Restaurant Week presents two high quality red wines from the Borovitza winery in northwest Bulgaria: Borovitza Gamza 2017 and Borovitza Gamza Black Pack 2018 Great Terroirs, both produced from the regional grape sort Gamza.

Nestled among the rocks of Belogradchik near the village of the same name Borovitza wine cellar is oriented mainly towards the creation of very limited batches of wines. Wines with a strong character specific to the terroir. Northwestern Bulgaria is a region that offers good opportunities for producing grapes and wine with distinctive characteristics.

Due to the extremely limited quantities of grapes grown, the wines produced in the Borovitza cellar are in minimal quantities, but with a strong character, reflecting the specifics of the terroir. Some of the vineyards are located under the famous Belogradchik rocks on red sandy-stony soil.