Libera Estate presents Rose Libera Shiroka Melnishka

Libera Estate is a boutique wine project that carries the name of the goddess Libera – the goddess of fertility and freedom. Spring 2022 Restaurant Week is the perfect opportunity to try the boutique winery’s Rose Libera Shiroka Melnishka 2021, a pale pink fruity wine with a long and lightly spicy finish.

Libera Estate started in South Western Bulgaria in 2013 with short series of experimental wines from different varieties of grape. The winery’s vision is to show the true potential of Bulgarian wine by combining centuries-old local traditions with the contemporary vision of its team. Focussing on typical local grape varieties from the Melnik region such as Melnik 55, Shirokamelnishka, Melnik 82, Sandanski Misket and Keretsuda that can be found only here.