Sofia Restaurant Week shares the love for good food and the responsibility for disadvantaged people

One of our most intimate and dearest moments is when we gather with our friends and loved ones around the dinner table. This is when we share our stories and aspirations and we treat our senses to some delicious and intriguing foods.

There are as many flavours as there are people in this world. Today we are visiting one of Cedar Foundation’s Small Group Homes where meal time is regarded with deep respect and appreciation. The foundation manages 9 of these family type centers which are home to over 100 children and youth with mental or physical disabilities.

But we are not going to look at the differences but rather focus on the things we have in common. All these children like to spend time with people they care for. Just like we do. And all of them enjoy good food. Just like us. As a matter of fact, a lot if them are true chefs and they overcome their “scary” diagnoses by preparing delicious pancakes for breakfast or savoury meatballs Chirpan style to share with their fellows from the house.

Sissy cooking

“I have known it for many years, possibly since the very beginning, as the foundation is very active among the expat community in Sofia and many of its supporters are foreigners living in Bulgaria. Originally I go to know it via the International Women Club.” shares Christine Milner organiser of Sofia Restaurant week. “I’ve had a joint campaign with Cedar while working at another company and was happy with the transparency and feedback we received about how the donation would be used and knowing that it is going to be used for a very specific purpose as obviously many people when donating to charity wonder what the money is being used for. I remember thinking what an overwhelming task it must be to decide to help close down the orphanages and take on the care of the children and what a long-term commitment that is. I think Cedar have done an amazing job of giving the children the hope of a normal life and it is commendable that they continue to attract new members and supporters.”

For its upcoming edition Sofia Restaurant Week partners with the Cedar Foundation. Learn more about how you can support the cause on