2 days to the start of Sofia Restaurant Week 4

Just two days to the start of Sofia Restaurant Week Spring 2018 from Saturday 5th to Sunday 13th May.

What’s new this year?

For a start, we’ve extended the ‘week’ to 9 days to allow food lovers to visit more restaurants after many of our fans told us they want to visit more than 2 or 3 locations but can’t fit them into 7 days.

Second, this is the first edition featuring a selection of the best performing restaurants from all 3 editions so far. 24 of the restaurants have participated at least previously and have received glowing reviews from SRW fans, with a score above 4/5. We’ve also included 6 new restaurants – Tempero, Iv by Plamen Evropeisky, Spaghetti Company, The Restaurant at Crystal Palace hotel, Barrique by Graphite and Akrogiali, the new Greek restaurant in the city centre.

This year we have even more restaurants offering author’s cuisine, daring and innovative recipes by the head chef – Happy Pig, 33 Gastronauts, Aubergine, Vino&Tapas, Ventana, Iv, Grape Central, Talents and Cactus. Natural products are the focus at  Bagri and Soul Kitchen, the latter offering a totally vegan experience. You can enjoy Japanese cuisine at our favourite Hamachi-Ni and Edo Sushi, with a new location on Vitosha Boulevard. Other cuisines on offer are Akrogiali Greek, Egur Egur Armenian, Kohinoor Indian and Royal Thai. Italian cuisine is the focus at Rose, Spaghetti Company, Social Cafe, while The Restaurant and Tabiet offer classic International cuisine and two jazz bars add a musical sparkle to the week – Morino and Barrique by Graphite.

There’s still time to book your place and discover the tastes of Sofia, though the most popular restaurants are already fully booked for the whole week. Check out the exciting menus and try something new !