What I Love About Sofia

Rebecca Richardson is founder of Eatstaylovebulgaria.com, an English-language blog about the best of Bulgaria. Rebecca is from London and a born traveller. She’s lived and worked in Dubai and the Caribbean before moving to Bulgaria. 

A question I get asked quite often is, ‘what do you love about Sofia?’ Considering that I spend much of my free time writing about Sofia, and Bulgaria, this is a very valid question. I have a lot of love for this city, and I enjoy telling people about all the reasons why I think they should visit Sofia!

Being the food lover that I am this is usually top of my list. What I love about Sofia is that I can eat out at least a few times every week because the restaurants in Sofia are so affordable. The variety is incredible, and if you’re visiting during the warmer months, you will find some beautiful, peaceful restaurant gardens hidden amongst the hustle and bustle of the city centre. There may not be any Michelin Star restaurants in Sofia but, so long as that’s not what you’re looking for, I am sure you won’t be disappointed. I currently have a handful of favourite restaurants that I keep returning to, but there’s also a few that I haven’t had the chance to try yet. Sofia may not be a very big city in size, but it certainly has plenty of choices when it comes to spending an evening out!

You may have also heard people talking about the delicious fresh vegetables that are found in Bulgaria; this is most definitely not a myth! I can eat a plate of pink tomatoes in Bulgaria, and it feels like a delicious treat, I can’t say the same about any vegetables in the UK! I love going to the market and buying the local fresh fruit and vegetables. Even if you’re not living in Sofia, I recommend you visit a local market, if just for the experience!

There’s also the Bulgarian wines. I never realised that Bulgaria produced wine until after I had moved to Sofia, but now I rarely drink wine from anywhere else! Bulgarian red wine is my favourite, although there are some delicious whites too. Just like the food, the wine is affordable and excellent quality, a decent bottle in a restaurant can start from as little as 20 leva. If you’re a wine lover, you can also visit some wonderful wineries which are not far from Sofia.

After all the food and wine, you may want to go for a walk and burn off some of the calories. There’s a daily free walking tour which takes you around the city centre and is an excellent way to see the main sights. Sofia is bursting with history, as you walk around you will see Roman remains and churches dating back to the 4th century! You can visit many museums too, and if you’re feeling very adventurous, you can even go hiking on Vitosha Mountain.

At the end of a long day, one of my favourite things to do is sit in a café or restaurant in the centre of Sofia, with a glass of Bulgarian wine and simply watch the world go by. Sofia is beautiful, and I love this city that I now call my home.