Niagara Lozenetz


 1 Krichim str.

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Restaurant Philosophy:
The secret of every dish is the love with which it is prepared. Our team at Niagara Restaurants have discovered this simple truth and we apply it daily in our work to create unique dishes that are perfectly suited to world culinary trends for each of you!
Niagara restaurants – the place where we care about you!

What are you most proud of in your restaurant?
Our team always works with remarkable enthusiasm to reach you every time with a culinary masterpiece. We offer one of the most attractive and varied lunch meals in Sofia.
As we all know dessert is a big part of every menu and luckily we have our own pastry shop "Mr. Dino" where we prepare delightful sweet temptations.

What makes you stand out from others?
The difference in our restaurants is that we have kept the tradition since 1995, paying particular attention to pre- selection and preparation of food. We are gathering fresh fruits and vegetables daily, as well as fresh chilled meat and fish.We are carefully choosing the flavor with the appropriate marinades and spices to reach their peak taste and to satisfy even the most sophisticated tastes.
Every day for you, we cook not only with first class products,but with lots of love to offer you delicious and vivid dishes.
Our dedication makes us one of the most preferred restaurants in Sofia.

Head Chef: Diana Dimitrova

Chef profile:

Do you have any special messages for the diners of SRW?
Eating is a real delight, and the good food - an occasion for trembling excitement. Don’t hesitate to enjoy the pleasure of tasting the beautifully prepared dishes in Niagara, one of the most popular restaurants in Sofia. The chain includes two restaurants and two pizzerias where you can proudly celebrate your wedding, birthday and prom, meet an unforgettable New Year or immerse yourself in the color of our thematic Russian night. Don’t forget that you can harmonize sweet and salty with our delightful sweet temptations prepare in our pastry shop "Mr. Dino".


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