The Best of Sofia Restaurant Week 2016

Which restaurant gave the best performance during Sofia Restaurant Week? We were overwhelmed by the number of responses to our email requesting feedback on how our customers had enjoyed their experience during the first ever edition of Sofia Restaurant Week. An amazing 510 people responded with reviews of the restaurants, and what’s more unlike some of the famous ‘review sites’ out there these are genuine verified reviews! Only the person who had made the booking could leave a restaurant review after receiving an email from us. So a quarter of those who booked (1900 people) left feedback.

So what did the results show?

Overall the ratings for Sofia’s restaurants are very high: 20 restaurants received a rating of over 4 out of 5 stars, and all were above 3 out of 5. What our customers were most concerned with was service, portion size and whether the food lived up to expectations. In some cases food was served cold, customers had to wait too long or portion size was smaller than expected but the number one criteria was service. Customers want to be made to feel special, no matter how large or small their bill, they want to receive attention without feeling crowded and they showed this in the reviews. That’s why our top ten performing restaurants from SRW 2016 excelled not just with their menu offering but also with service and ambience.

Take the opportunity to look through the reviews here or check out the top performing list below.

Number 1: Orient Garden

Number 2: Vino & Tapas

Number 3: Marmo: Eat, Play, Love

Number 4: Egur Egur

Number 5: Vinarna Izbata

Number 6: Di Valli

Number 7: 33 Gastronauts

Number 8: Rose

Number 9: L’Instant

Number 10: Kotiloto