Testing Sofia Restaurant Week: Vegan Dishes for Meat Eaters at “Soul Kitchen”

Testing Sofia Restaurant Week: Vegan Dishes for Meat Eaters at “Soul Kitchen”
by Imanuel Marcus Editor-in chief www.foreignersandfriends.com

Imanuel Marcus

Sofia Restaurant Week 2016 just started yesterday evening. Reason enough to try something we have never tried: “Soul Kitchen”, a vegan restaurant, located at Ul. Kokiche. On the way to the place, these thoughts came to my mind. Vegans do not consume meat, right? And no milk products either. There is not much left, is there? Will we have to eat the napkins on the table? In the entrance of the establishment, a sign warned us, saying “Food = Love”. I did not want to think about that statement too much and had no clue what it meant.

The Garden
The Garden

We looked at the nice interior of “Soul Kitchen”, outfitted with a lot of wood and details. I thought this attractive interior was supposed to distract people from the fact that there was no meat or cheese. But I was wrong again, for the second time in my life. The kind waitress took us to their spacious yard, which does have a lovely atmosphere. Just what I needed, after 12 hours of staring at the screen. Just the right place for a romantic candle light dinner, which is exactly what we had.

Two little cups of blended Mango, cucumbers and ginger, with sesame seeds on top, were already parked on the table for us. Wow! What an unconventional, smooth taste!

The Sofia Restaurant Week menu at “Soul Kitchen” then gave us a choice between two interesting sounding three-course meals. Intelligent as we are, we decided to order both of them. Yes, we insisted on having the whole thing.

Menu A:

Avocado, baked pepper, red onion, parsley pesto.

Rigatoni with Porcini mushrooms, cashew mozzarella and marsala.


Menu B:

Polenta sticks with aromatic herbs and sweet chilli sauce.

Crispy broccoli with green fennel and carrot purée.

Chocolate mousse with raspberries.

Once the starters were delivered to the table, we were already in love with this place. The combination of avocado slices with those fried peppers was nothing less than extremely delicious. That sweet chilli sauce with Polenta sticks became another favourite of ours.

Those Rigatoni came with a very creamy sauce. We could not believe there was no cream in there. “Soul Kitchen” seems to have very powerful blenders. They probably need their own reactor in Kozloduy for all the electricity the devices are consuming. But, we did not really care, while enjoying that delicious sensation.

The same applied to the broccoli with the creamiest carrot purée ever. Yes, the latter was blended very well too. It felt extremely smooth.

I can’t mention the desserts, sorry. Because if I do, I’ll have to go back there right now, to get more of those. One word on the desserts: Brilliant.

Four young Germans at the next table were very satisfied too. They said, they had not known about Sofia Restaurant Week, until they got to the restaurant, but they ordered those special menus and were just as stunned about this new experience. All four of them said they were meat eaters, under normal circumstances.

We had a wonderful evening at “Soul Kitchen”. It was the combination of it all, which satisfied us. The wonderful food, the romantic atmosphere and the fact that we learned something. Food does equal love after all. At least at this place.

Soul Kitchen